Well the summer is here and at times it could be very difficult to workout in this hot weather. A good exercise option in such a case would be yoga. Apart from being good for the body it also give you mental peace. Before you start yoga you will need to make sure that you have a calm mind. You have to understand that Yoga is not a modern workout. It is an art which is thousands of years old. Yogas enhances well and and calms your mind.

yoga summer tips advantages

Even if you indulge in any other form of sport or activity, you should try and do yoga because of the several health benefits that it offers. Even though yoga is regularly done in a group it is definitely not a competitive sport. Yoga should be approached with a sense of relaxation and joy. You should have a tendency to help others in your yoga class. Some of the yoga postures might seem very difficult at first but with regular practice you will get comfortable doing them. Also you should not feel embarrased about how you look doing a yoga posture but should instead focus on how you are feeling.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have never done yoga before you should consult a yoga trainer rather than trying steps on your own. A proper breathing plays an important role and can only be taught by someone who is an expert.Even though there are some popular youtube channels for yoga I wouldnt advice you to try complex yoga aasanas at first without the help of a trainer. Yoga offers several health benefits. It can help you lose weight and teenagers can even grow taller by doing yoga. You can search online for some good articles on yoga to learn more about this art form. Baba Ramdev is a popular yoga trainer in India. Check out his website to make you familiar with yoga and the several benefits that it offers.

Get inspired by watching the following yoga routine for summer by Tara Stines


What is Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is when you are in state of sleep and are dreaming but you are actually aware of the fact that you are dreaming. If you want like to know How to Lucid Dream tonight , follow this blog. The state of Lucid Dreaming is not a subject of folklore. It has been scientifically proven that we can enter a state of lucid dreaming. The best part about being in a lucid dream is that we can control our dream and are in charge of our imaginary world.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Many benefits of Lucid Dreaming have been recognized, the best of which is that Learning how to Lucid Dream Tonight can help somebody who has been struggling with nightmares. Apart from this Lucid Dreaming can also help us to find solutions of several of our life problems. We can ask ourselves questions while in a state of lucid dreaming and our subconscious will answer us and we can be sure that all these answers will be accurate.

 Problems in Learning How to Lucid Dream Tonight

We can learn to lucid dream whenever we want but there can be several factors which can be a hindrance in our journey to a lucid dream. We should avoid drugs at all costs and also should not give in to fear. Drugs have been known to interfere with sleeping patterns. Rapid Eye Movement Sleep or REM is the state where you lose your reflexes and your eyes moves rapidly. Also if we are afraid of experiencing Lucid Dreaming our body will try to avoid letting us enter a state of Lucidity.

 Learning How to Lucid Dream

Keeping a dream Journal helps you to learn lucid dreaming. This works by telling your normal state that you had a dream that you were in control of it. You will find that reminding yourself of the dream will make your experience relieved once again and it will become easier to have more dreams you can control.

Another tip for inducing dreams that are lucid in nature is through doing regular reality checks. These reality checks help you to know whether you are actually dreaming or it is just a passing wave of thought.

Ensure that you get enough sleep to give your mind enough time for each stage of sleeping. Also, make sure that you recall any lucid dreams you have encountered in the past. Take time to accept the fact that you will react in a certain manner if you happen to have a lucid dream in the night.

Learn how to Lucid Dream Tonight